The ShadowMaster’s is a software defined dual radio system giving it capabilities as an intelligent repeater with full internetworking functionality. With its integrated internal antenna this product is ideal for the establishment of a self-contained repeater sites to get past obstructions necessary to extend coverage. The ShadowMaster is essentially a repeater site in a box and when combined with Waveteq’s off-grid power systems can extend BroadBand wireless anywhere.

The self contained intelligence in the ShadowMaster allows the two internal radios to bridged or routed and be configured to operate on different frequencies according to spectrum efficient band allocation plans. An extensive set of wireless configuration parameters are readily available through an easy to use and intuitive Graphic User Interface. Options to use the internal antenna or external antenna. Both dual wireless and wired ethernet interfaces are available to route, bridge or tunnel traffic to network devices.

Special enhancement mode provide more than twice the data throughput links and QoS provide priortization of traffic. The ShadowMaster’s have been designed to mount quickly onto existing infrastructures such as buildings, poles, railings etc.

Mountain Top Off-Grid Repeater with 2 ShadowMasters

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